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GT250P Hand held inkjet printer
Published:2012-8-31 14:35:08

High Efficiency & Low Cost Portable INKJET Printer

GT250P is the large character hand held inkjet printer, which was developed and produced independently by our factory.

Our NEW product is the portable, manual, ultra-compact and light inkjet printer equipped with a print-head with electromagnetic valves; it is battery operated and Bluetooth controlled. It's a marking & coding machine to let you make marking & coding freely.

This unique device - weighing only 1.5kg C has been created to satisfy users for whom the freedom of product marking, coding and labelling in terms of place and time is the fundamental criterion. It is also the device for users who demand low purchase cost, cost-effective operation and not excessively sophisticated practical functions. However, the model hand-jet GT250P offers all basic capabilities of INK-JET type printers.Once launched in 2012, the new product widely praised by our customers and has been successfully used in a wide variety of industrial and service applications. 


•  Saved up to 50% Labor and time cost comparing with hand writing on the out packing by 40m/min print speed.

•  No place limitation: easier to marking on the huge nude packed products.

Advantages of our products


•  Flexible and convenient for worker to use with light weight only 1.5kg, wireless Bluetooth connection and off line print system; 16 messages stored; one PC controls more than one handset.
•  Durable and legible prints on uneven surfaces of irregular shapes even under inconstant moving speed in virtue of the inside encoder to detect the displacement.
•  Maintain easily thanks to modular structure design.
•  Less block of print nozzle and No waste of ink in virtue of the inside auto-ink pressure device.
•  Multiple print choices: one message was edited in different sections and printed in different lines; Maximum print 3 lines at same time; Maximum print height 50mm

Varied Applications

It can print in the permeable surface (for example cartons, template, textile, timber,wood productand so on) and the non-permeable surface (for example reflex paper box, metal tubing, plastic tubing, ceramics, knitting belt, steel product and so on)



               Steel Tube marking                                Timber marking                                       Wood Marking